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Meet the Team


1. What is your role at Ndara?

I am a tailor and a rug maker. I make all the products, but I am not very good at clothes yet. I am the fastest rug maker and I am also often sent to the market to choose fabric for our production. I am one of the first Ndara artisans so I also train the new recruits a lot. I am pretty good at inventory management, so I often help others with that.

2. What does Ndara mean to you?

Ndara is the future....


1. What is your role at Ndara?

I started with making the Ndara rugs. This means choosing fabric and composition of colors, then cutting the fabric up, stitching them into a long yarn, and then either braiding or crocheting them into rugs. Eventually Ndara taught me how to use a sewing machine and now help sew all the different products besides the clothes. I am still learning to make clothes. I am the operator of the zig-zag sewing machine, so I get to finish all the...


1. What is your role at Ndara?

Right now I'm helping out to set up the logistical solution and the marketing efforts  to start offering Ndara products world wide. 

2. What does Ndara mean to you?

It is an amazing example of how female entrepreneurship can be used to empower people and make positive societal and communal change. I’m just honored to play a small part in it.

3. What are your hopes for the future?

That people all over the world will have access to Ndara...


1. What is your role at Ndara?

I am a seamstress here at Ndara. I work on all the products, but I am extra good at the bags, pouches and the foldable baskets. I am also really fast at making bathrobes, especially the short sleeved model. One week a month, I manage the boutique, but I am an assistant at the moment. I don’t know how to read or write, so I can’t be responsible for the shop and make invoices - but I am learning!

2. What does Ndara mean to...