1. What is your role at Ndara?

I am an artisan tailor so I help sew all the different products that Ndara offers. Most recently,I am the one who made the new version of the shopping bag that we recently launched; it's a larger tote bag made out of local pagne fabric that has an inner layer of plastic so that you can go to the market and buy fruit and vegetables without getting the fabric stained. We use recycled plastic for the inner layer, it was hard to get it right with the double stitching of the seams. One week a month I am also responsible for managing the boutique. I am the artisan who has had the most schooling of the whole team, so I often help the other artisans with their writing and calculating.

2. What does Ndara mean to you?

Ndara is a company that supports artisan women. I am very happy to work here with the team. I have learned a lot since I joined, both how to sew new products but also skills like how to manage sales, inventory and budgets. All the women who work here are happy to be here and we learn new things every day.

3. What are your hopes for the future?

I would like to create my own business. I would like to take what I have learned here and become a boss lady for myself, but I need to learn some more first.