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As a Ndara customer you buy a unique, colorful, handmade product with a story and a powerful meaning. 

By buying a Ndara product you provide stable income for our artisans and you help us tell #anotherstory from the Central African Republic. You become a part of the Ndara story - a story of bravery amidst adversity, resilience despite all odds, and joy and beauty in defiance of violence and heartbreak.


When you buy Ndara products you create impact on many levels:

The artisans:
9 x the minimum wage
10% of sales reinvested in training
Emergency medical assistance
0% interest loans
No fee saving accounts

The country:
Changing the narrative
Setting an example
Locally sourced material
Encourage entrepreneurship

The community:
Resilience to survive hardship
Emergency family healthcare
Artisan kids to school
Poverty reduction
Female empowerment

As a Ndara customer you are sharing the hope and resilience of the Central Africans with the world. You are healing trauma and encouraging them and others to live in joy.