1. What is your role at Ndara?

I'm one of the founders and my main responsibilities are to manage the finances, the logistical tasks on the U.S. side (including shipping all orders from the web shop), and serve as a sounding board for Charlotte.

2. What is your favourite thing about the Central African Republic?

The resilience and the joyful perspective of the people is absolutely inspiring.  In the face of so  much struggle and strife, Central Africans continue to smile hello, hug their children, show gratitude for small things and come to work each day.  I am inspired by them and their perseverance.  CAR is also such a historically and naturally rich country.  It has been at the cross-roads of trade for centuries, yet still finds itself geographically extremely isolated due to the vast river system and civil conflict within and around the country.  In a world that is extremely connected, CAR represents one of the last new frontiers and I am grateful for my connection to this unique place.

3. What makes you most excited about Ndara’s future?

The possibility of building the capacity of Ndara artisans to thrive as professionals within Ndara itself, or in their own businesses. I am also excited about bringing our products and their artisans' stories to an international market, so that more positive attention can be focused on improving livelihoods in CAR.