1. What is your role at Ndara?

I am a tailor and a rug maker. I make all the products, but I am not very good at clothes yet. I am the fastest rug maker and I am also often sent to the market to choose fabric for our production. I am one of the first Ndara artisans so I also train the new recruits a lot. I am pretty good at inventory management, so I often help others with that.

2. What does Ndara mean to you?

Ndara is the future. It's my future, and my family's future. They teach us hard work here, and discipline. And Ndara makes me proud, proud of what I have learned and of what we have created together.

3. What are your hopes for the future?

I want to build a house on the piece of land that I bought. I bought it all on my own. I want to continue to take care of my family and raise my children to be responsible. I hope that I will one day become able to be responsible to manage all the Ndara activities.