Ndara Around the World: Weaving Dreams, Stitching Connections.

Ndara Around the World: Weaving Dreams, Stitching Connections.


For our Ndara artisans in Bangui, life is often confined to the familiar streets and routines of their city. Travel, for most, is a distant dream due to the rampant insecurity in our country as well as limited financial resources. Luckily, their world is expanding through the hands of their customers, who carry their creations across continents and oceans.



Imagine the wonder in the artisans' eyes as they see photos of their intricately made stuffed animals in bustling London, their vibrant woven baskets used for indoor plants in a sun-drenched Californian living room, and their wooden boards with delicious bread enjoyed by people from all corners of the world. The idea that their handiwork, born from their skill and imagination, is gracing homes and lives beyond their own is a source of immense pride and joy. For these women, who've rarely ventured outside their local markets, the notion of their work in distant lands is truly mind-blowing. It's witnessing a dream take flight, a testament to the transformative power of their craft.


The Impact of Your Purchase.

Every purchase of a Ndara product ripples outwards to empower women, their families, and their communities. Your support fuels a cycle of inspiration and prosperity in Bangui and beyond.

Ndara isn't just a workshop - it's a beacon of hope. Here, the artisans’ talent earns them wages nine times the minimum wage, creating not only a safety net woven with financial security but also a platform on which dreams can be built for the artisans and their families. 10% of sales are reinvested into training to ensure continued growth, and we provide emergency medical support, interest-free loans, and fee-free savings accounts. In a country where most people do not have access to banks and, even more so, have never had an identity card, the ability to safely save money is a game changer.



Ndara's impact transcends numbers - it's about changing the narrative of the Central African Republic, one creation at a time. We source our materials as locally as we can, always favoring the recycling of materials as we aim to be a minimal-waste operation. We stimulate the local economy, and we support entrepreneurs across multiple sectors through our business. We showcase the unyielding spirit of our community that keeps on rebuilding time and again, proving that beauty can bloom even in the harshest soil.



We are committed to contributing to our community by highlighting strength in the face of adversity. Through our operations, we provide emergency family healthcare and ensure the artisans' children receive education. Our mission is to sustainably combat poverty and enable women through responsible social entrepreneurship that focuses on teaching skills beyond just the craft. We teach leadership and business management, and our aim is to have our whole operation managed by the artisans themselves. We take a step away from reliance on charity and aid by stepping into a real economy with real clients and market-worthy products.

You’re not just buying a product; you're investing in a future. You're choosing to wear hope on your sleeve when you decorate your home with stories of strength and resilience. You're becoming part of the threads of compassion uniting the artisans of the Central African Republic with the world.



Have a look around our website to see the faces behind the products. Explore our collection in our webshop because each piece is a promise of a brighter tomorrow and a reminder that we can all do hard things.



Share Your Ndara Journey.

Seeing how you have incorporated Ndara into your life literally expands our world, fills our hearts, and opens our eyes! We would be forever grateful if you would care to send us photos of your Ndara treasures in their new homes, wherever they may be. Tag us on social media, or email us a picture.



Buying our products means more than just making a purchase; it means joining a movement that has a real impact. With every stitch, every smile, and every shared moment, you play a role in reshaping not only the story of the Ndara artisans, their communities, and our country, but also the wider community and your own life by remembering that there is always another story to be told from any situation, we just have to remember to listen.


Some of the unique pieces you see in these photos are exclusively available in the Bangui Boutique and not available online - if you want to understand why, you can read this blog post. While this gives you even more of a reason to visit Bangui and see all of our wonderfully handmade products in person, you can always contact us  if you are interested in something that is not available in our web shop, and we can see if we can make a plan together.