Ndara has a new website!

Ndara has a new website!

Your one-stop shop for more than a colorful story.

It has been a while since we sent a newsletter. But, instead of dwelling on the past (who wants to talk about the past 2 COVID infected years anyway), let’s talk a bit about some big news.

Our new website is live!

Our new website will soon (drumroll) include a web shop with international shipping! When we launch the web shop you will receive a discount code as a gift from us to you for joining us on this new, exciting part of Ndara’s journey.

Feel free to roam around our website and if you have any feedback, it will be gratefully received.

Ndara is in full bloom! If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you might already know that we now have our own boutique at Av. de la Victoire, Bangui, Central African Republic. We've also developed many new products since we last sent you a letter. We are now 14 people working full time for Ndara. You can meet us here. While Ndara has developed a lot during the past few years, and will continue to evolve, our mission and vision have never changed. They remain the same as we keep pushing forward to serve you, our team members and their communities better. 

Ndara was created because we wanted to tell the other story. Another story of the Central African Republic. A story of how resilient Central Africans live life in spite of violence and decades of uncertainties. In the face of adversity, the Central Africans go about their daily lives like anyone else. They work, they plant, they celebrate and mourn. They take care of each other, search for solutions and build communities as best they can. 

The media will continue to tell stories of violence and atrocities in the Central African Republic and while this attention may help to stop the violence someday, we will not wait for that day. Ndara will tell the Central African story of hope, joy, and perseverance. Ndara will build a peaceful and durable solution for Central Africans founded on their greatest strength: resilience. 

Words and small deeds have the power to change, but only if they too are heard. Ndara seeks to speak these words and do these deeds, pushing the balance as much towards hope as possible. 

Read the story to know how we got to where we are here.

Our upcoming web shop will help us expand our target market beyond Bangui and to grow sustainably. We believe that our story is important to tell, and that people everywhere deserve a unique, handmade, and colorful product with a story. That you deserve to be a part of this incredible story of resilience and joy.  

Look for your discount code in the next letter and get your friends to sign up for our newsletter so they can too.

If you want to find our newsletter in one place you can find them under our blog.

Until next time.
The Ndara team

Ps. To learn more about the importance of telling stories- check out this TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that continues to inspire us as we work towards our goal.