Brunch Ti Tere - A Celebration of Central African Tradition

Brunch Ti Tere - A Celebration of Central African Tradition


In the heart of Bangui, our Ndara boutique is filled with vibrant, handcrafted products. But Ndara is more than a boutique, it is a platform for cultural exchange, empowerment, and a celebration of the Central African Republic and its people.  

On the last Saturday of every month, we host a special edition Brunch Ti Tere. Brunch Ti Tere isn't just about tasting delicious local dishes prepared by our chef, Martial Nvouka, it's a unique invitation to delve into the captivating meaning and wisdom of teres.

Tere is the name for our traditional tales. These tales have been woven into the fabric of Central African society for generations. These stories, passed down from elders to children, are more than mere entertainment; they are vessels of wisdom, cultural identity, and the very essence of what it means to be Central African.

Why Brunch Ti Tere?

The inspiration for Brunch Ti Tere came about because we decided to dive deeper into our heritage and culture. In the hustle of our modern world and with our focus on learning new (to us) skills such as writing, reading and book-keeping on top of learning to make products, it's easy to lose touch with the significance of our own history and ancestry. Brunch Ti Tere serves as a bridge, a chance to reconnect with the roots that make us who we are. It's a celebration of the strength that lies within our traditions, a reminder of the stories that have shaped us and continue to bind us together.

A Shared Experience

For you, our Ndara customer - Brunch Ti Tere is a gateway to a world of wonder. Each month, a different Ndara artisan will share a tere tale from their childhood, both at our Bangui boutique brunch and here on the Ndara blog. These stories, presented in both English and French, will transport you to the heart of Central African wisdom and tradition. It’s a unique chance for you to get a glimpse into and learn from our culture.

For Ndara - Brunch Ti Tere is a homecoming. It's a chance to reconnect with the heritage that inspires our creations. Sharing these teres allows us to not only celebrate our legacy but also to pass it on, ensuring these stories continue to resonate and teach generations to come. It’s a reminder to us that we are not successful despite the Central African Republic, but because of it. This country and our ancestor’s strength and wisdom is what has given us the main currency in which we trade: resilience.


Empowering People, Preserving Traditions

Ndara is more than an online store and boutique, our mission is to empower the people of the Central African Republic. Martial Nvouka, our self-taught chef, is a shining example of this philosophy. During the week Martial uses the Ndara kitchen to prepare fresh salads and juices that he delivers to his clients all over Bangui. Every Saturday, the Ndara team and Martial join hands to serve a weekly brunch in the Ndara boutique.

This collaboration is mutually beneficial: Martial has the opportunity to grow his business, provide stable employment for his team members and improve his business skills alongside Ndara. At the same time, Martial’s services enhance the Ndara experience, providing a food service to our Bangui visitors.

Since the beginning of this year, every last Saturday of the month we organize our special Brunch Ti Tere together. We believe that sharing these stories isn't just about cultural preservation; it's about fostering understanding and connection between us all.

Martial's story is a testament to the power of community and shared resources. It's a reminder that by supporting Ndara, you're not just getting a unique, handcrafted product; you're contributing to a brighter future for the Central African Republic, one where entrepreneurs like Martial can thrive.


A Little Bit About Teres

The Enchanting Style of Central African Storytelling - Central African tales are known for their clarity, conciseness, and active narration. They open directly and often end abruptly, relying on the listener's imagination to fill in the gaps. Repetition is a common tool, aiding both the storyteller and the audience who depend solely on memory. Simple and direct, these stories ensure their messages are understood by everyone, regardless of literacy. The tales are often filled with vivid imagery, transporting listeners to the heart of the action.

The Mystery of Tere - We'll be featuring tales that revolve around Tere, a supernatural character who makes frequent appearances in Central African folklore. In fact, Tere is so common in these tales that the very tradition of telling tales is called “tere” in our local language Sango. There's no description of Tere's physical form; it's left entirely to the listener's imagination. Tere's character is revealed solely through actions, adding to the mystique. Tere can be a trickster, a helper, or even a cautionary figure, depending on the story. The ambiguity surrounding Tere allows the tales to hold different meanings for different listeners. 

Become part of our Tere!

If you are in Bangui, come hungry for delicious local food, captivating stories, and a chance to connect with the heart and soul of the Central African Republic. As we gather around the table, sharing tere tales and celebrating the skills and resilience of the Central African people, we weave a brighter future together, one tere at a time.